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Jade Shop

Café Yaxha

The Mayans considered Jade a mystic stone of incomparable value. This precious stone symbolized eternal life, and Mayans buried important figures with Jade jewelry to guarantee them privileged treatment in the next life.

In our Jade store, we boast a large assortment of
well-selected jewelry and replicas of masks that archaeologists discovered in graves of kings and other important Mayan figures. These masterpieces from the ancient Mayan world are perfect souvenirs to help you remember your journey or to give to friends back home.

Jades Yaxha S.A., Calle 30 de junio, Flores, Petén
Opening hours: 9:00-13:00 and 17:00-21:00

Jade - A Mayan Treasure
Jade collection

Famous mask from
grave #160 in Tikal

Take a piece of Mayan gold home!

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